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Trusts and Estates Disputes

Trusts and Estates Dispute Lawyers London

If you are facing a dispute arising out of a trust or estate, we know how challenging this can be. When a loved one has been lost, tensions can run high, and disputes can quickly escalate. Here at Selachii, we have years of experience in dealing with all kinds of trusts and estates disputes. Our lawyers act with sensitivity and tact, helping to ensure that relationships are maintained as far as possible.

At Selachii, our tenacious lawyers have vast experience assisting clients to resolve Probate and Trusts disputes. Our aim is to help them achieve the best possible outcome – we do this by using our extensive negotiating and advocacy skills, coupled with vast knowledge of the law and procedure, to design a case winning, tailor-made, strategy. We always aim to resolve probate and trusts disputes as quickly as possible and, if court action is unavoidable, our specialist litigators are ready to fight for our clients’ best interests. If you would like to know more about how we can assist with contentious trusts and probate, please contact us.

Expert Trusts and Estates Disputes Lawyers

The law concerning trusts and estates can be complex and confusing, but we can help you navigate these difficult waters with efficiency and expertise. We act for

Our specialist team understand the personal nature of being involved in a wills, probate or trusts dispute. It is essential for such disputes to be resolved swiftly, and with minimal damage to family and other personal relationships. Our lawyers offer a first-rate service and have exceptional experience in all matters relation to contentious trusts, wills, and probate. This allows us to advise you fully of your position, and build an expert strategy to ensure the best possible outcome for your circumstances.

Trusts Disputes

Regardless of whether you are an experienced trustee, a trust administrator facing a claim, or a beneficiary with concern about how your trust is being run, the law concerning trusts can be confusing. Our lawyers here at Selachii can make sure you fully understand your position, your obligations or what you are entitled to.

Trusts disputes can be wide-ranging, but our vast experience means that we have seen a number of cases just like yours, and know the best way to proceed to achieve your aims. We frequently advise clients on the following types of trusts disputes:

  • Disputes between trustees
  • Disputes between beneficiaries
  • Disputes concerning administration of a trust
  • Issues concerning the removal of trustees
  • Claims made by a trust
  • Claims made against a trust
  • Disputes concerning trust assets
  • Varying a trust

Depending on the circumstances of your case, you may be under a time limit to bring your claim so it is important to act quickly. It is also important to note that if you are a trustee, you must always act in the best interests of the trust’s beneficiaries, and must not put any of the trust assets at risk, regardless of the circumstances of the dispute. Our specialist solicitors will be able to fully advise you on your obligations and provide you with advice on how to proceed in the interim before the dispute is resolved.

Estates Disputes

Disputes can often arise in relation to the administration or management of an estate. This can happen at any stage of administration but is important to seek specialist legal advice as early as possible to avoid both problems and costs escalating. We have experience in handling estates disputes at all stages and can assist you with all manner of circumstances including:

  • Where an executor is failing to keep proper accounts
  • Where an executor is mismanaging the estate
  • Removal or substation of an executor
  • Where a beneficiary fails to disclose all relevant information required to administer the estate, and you require an order for disclosure
  • If you are an executor being held liable for material errors in administration
  • Disputes concerning the value of any assets in the estate and seeking court valuations

We act for all parties, including beneficiaries, trustees, executors, administrators or charities – regardless of whether they are a claimant or defendant.

Contact our Trusts and Probate disputes solicitors, London

At Selachii, we understand how upsetting and challenging dealing with trusts or probate matters can be, especially when you are grieving for a loved one. Our calm, professional and friendly approach will take some of the worry and stress from you so you can concentrate on looking after yourself and your family. To make things easier for you, we can offer fixed fee solutions for matters involving wills, probate and inheritance. Find out how we can help you by calling us today on 0203 811 7723.

How Selachii Can Help

Selachii is a dynamic litigation and dispute resolution law firm based in Kensington, London. We put the best interests of our clients at the heart of everything we do. We work with both businesses and private individuals, giving them legal advice and support which is unique to them and their situation.

We don’t believe in simply handing out one-size-fits-all solutions to problems. We will focus on your specific circumstances before working out the best and most cost-effective way of helping you achieve your aims.

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