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Start Ups

Start Ups

Starting out in business can be exciting and bewildering, especially regarding the seeming mass of rules and regulations that seem to get in the way.

If you have a start-up business, here are just some of the issues that you'll need to be dealing with, as well as having a solid business strategy. we can advise on these issues:

Data Protection

What IP should you protect, and in which markets?


UK companies have a generally favourable, but very complex, tax regime. Businesses have a compulsory involvement with some taxes (Value-added tax, PAYE, Corporation Tax etc) from the very , others, (Capital Gains Tax, Inheritance Tax come later, but should be planned for well in advance.

Company Formation/Business Structure

We'll help you make sure you have the right business structure for your business and offer a comprehensive company formation and secretarial service.

Agreements with investors and your other directors/partners

You only have one chance to start with a 'blank piece of paper' and while it may be tempting to adopt a casual approach to agreements (particularly where friends or family are involved), this is almost never a good idea, and the discipline of thinking through your internal business relationships will help you clarify your strategy. we can help guide you through this process.


Contracts are the long-stop of any business relationship. A good contract will protect your interests in the event that its wording becomes a matter of importance.

International law

Although UK law is widely used internationally, different legal systems can have very different rules. We can advise you in all cases.

Employment law

Employment law is similar, but not identical throughout the European Union and is both complex and far-reaching in its impact.

Protecting your Intellectual property

In a knowledge economy protecting your IP is critical.

Financial structure

For a new business, the financial structure can be critical, particularly in its impact on how the business has to be managed.

Reporting and disclosure requirements

In the UK, there are a myriad of reporting requirements to governmental bodies. Failure to meet reporting requirements can be result in substantial penalties.

Management Information

Good management information helps you manage cash-flow and understand the workings of your business.

Pensions Auto-enrolment

It will soon be compulsory for all UK businesses with employees to offer an employee pension scheme to its employees.

Grants and business support

There are a number of sources of support for start-up businesses. They have different pros and conc. We can review and help you decide which forms of support (if any) are best for you.


Although the government-back Business Accelerator programme is being closed, the GOV.UK 'Start your own business' website has links to many resources including finance, loans and grants.

Intellectual Property office

Will help you decide what IP to protect and how the mechanics work.

How Selachii Can Help

At Selachii, we enjoy helping start-up businesses grow successfully. In addition to advice on compliance issues, we help create flexible and individually tailored solutions and structures appropriate for your business, reducing the burden on you and protecting clients' interests throughout your career. From our base in Kensington, London, we are helping businesses in the UK and throughout the world to achieve their business goals.

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