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Serious Fraud

Serious Fraud

Selachii solicitors London based legal team is well used to dealing with fraud allegations in all its many forms. If you are worried that you may be have to face dealing with the Serious Fraud Office, HM Revenue Customs or even SOCA (Serious Organised Crime Agency), we are on hand to help at any time. It doesn’t matter whether you are an individual with concerns or a company, we can help anyone that needs assistance with serious fraud investigations.

If you are not sure what falls under the banner of ‘serious fraud’, but are worried that you may be affected, here are just a few examples of cases that we have dealt with in the past:

  • Mortgage fraud
  • VAT fraud
  • Tax evasion and fraud
  • Insider trading
  • Copyright infringement

Of course, this list is not exhaustive. All you need to do is bring your problems to us and let us discuss the case with you in detail. Once we have your full brief we will be in the best position to advise you on how to proceed and what actions you may expect to be taken by the investigating authorities.

Our serious fraud team covers all eventualities and has the ongoing support of a network of accountants and other expert consultants who can advise and direct as required. Because of this, and due to the vast knowledge bank upon which we base all of our cases, no lawsuit is ever too much for us. We can and will advise you on every possible angle that the investigation may take and will forewarn you so that you are not unduly stressed or disarmed by unexpected events.

We judge each and every case on its own merit and will put together a bespoke team, best suited to deal with the intricacies of your case. At all times our aim is to keep our focus on the outcome and if possible to ward off formal charges before they are enforced. This is where our lawyers excel.

By tackling your case head on and by you getting us involved in the early stages, we have the best possible chance of effecting a favourable outcome. For this reason, do not delay. Talk to us now and let us get the process started.

To speak with a solicitor now call 020 7792 5649 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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