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Conflict Free Lawyers, London

Conflict Free Litigation in London

The term 'conflict of interest' applies when a firm which is acting for one client has a relationship (normally a business relationship) with the person or organisation on the other side of a lawsuit or negotiation.

Clearly, where a conflict of interest exists, it is impossible for a completely independent and unbiased approach to be taken, as even if there is every intention  of not being influenced by the existence of two relationships, the possibility remains that a degree of influence will be felt.

The problem can be especially acute when one of the clients involved is large or influential in other ways, such as referring other clients to the firm.

No Conflict Law Firm

At Selachii, we know a firm cannot serve two masters.

Although we act for a wide range of clients in different industries and locations, we are assiduous in ensuring that conflicts of interest cannot arise. We use sophisticated checking systems to identify possible conflicts of interest, so that we can ensure all work we undertake for all our clients is conflict free. Selachii clients can rest assured that we will represent them using all our professional skills and to the very fullest extent of our capabilities.

How Selachii Can Help

Selachii is a dynamic boutique law firm working from offices in Kensington, London, solving a wide range of legal problems for clients.

The firm has a tenacious and entrepreneurial approach often challenging convention to achieve the client's goals. We tailor solutions specifically to the circumstances and needs of the client concerned, providing high quality and conflict- free representation at all stages of dispute or negotiations.

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