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Tax Dispute Solicitors

Tax Dispute Solicitors

If you are involved in a dispute involving tax, Selachii LLP solicitors can help.

We will match you with a specialist tax dispute lawyer who will look into your case in detail and advise you on the best way to proceed.

As a boutique law firm based in Notting Hill, London, we always put the needs of our clients first. We don’t believe in simply handing out general advice so your experienced tax dispute solicitor will provide you with a bespoke solution, which meets your unique requirements.

Tax law in the UK is incredibly intricate and changes regularly. It can be difficult for even the most money-savvy business professional to keep up-to-date with legislation. For this reason, it is important that you employ a legal professional with significant expertise to handle your tax dispute for you.

Our legal team is made up of skilful negotiators who have in-depth experience of dealing with HMRC and appealing against its decisions.

Tax & HMRC Dispute Lawyers London

When you come to Selachii LLP solicitors, we will take time to find out about your individual situation and assess your chances of success. Our honest and straightforward approach means you can trust us to give you realistic advice so you can resolve your dispute quickly, efficiently and in a cost-effective way.

Your tax dispute lawyer will be able to tell you whether HMRC has followed the right procedure in your case. We have a proven track record in challenging both HMRC’s policies and decisions and can represent you in Tax Tribunals if necessary.

We will always make your best interests our top priority so wherever we can we will try to settle your case before it reaches the tribunal or court stage to save you valuable time and money.

If you are the subject of a tax investigation, there is no need to go it alone – contact us for advice today. Selachii LLP solicitors will represent you and work to bring the matter to a fast and positive conclusion. We can help you understand the correspondence you have received in relation to the matter and advise you of the best way to move forward.

We work with clients throughout London and the south east of England. Our friendly and approachable manner along with our clear and fair pricing policy mean many people come to us time and again to deal with their legal issues.

At Selachii LLP, we will only charge you for the actual amount of time we spend on your case and in some circumstances we may be able to offer competitively-priced fixed fee packages.

To find out more about how Selachii LLP can help you resolve your tax dispute, get in touch with our team today.

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