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Why You May Need To Seek Family Law Legal Advice

Why You May Need To Seek Family Law Legal Advice

The problem with families is that often disputes happen.

Now, for the vast majority of these cases they can be resolved amicably between both parties but for some disputes it can require legal advice. Family law is a complex area and this is why a solicitor who has experience in this discipline should be sought for complicated cases or disputes that can't be resolved.

We are going to look at several areas where you should seek a lawyer for advice and to represent you when it comes to issues within the family.

Child Residence Orders

A divorce is never pleasant however when it comes to working out who the child would be better off living with then it can get particularly nasty. Obviously both parents will want their child to stay with them. However it is often down to what is best for the child in the long run.

A Child Residence Order is issued by a court of law and determines which parent (or family member) the child should stay with – essentially who should have custody of the child. For most family lawyers this should be decided before it even goes to court and then it is simply a case of the judge issuing the order that both parties have agreed on. Family solicitors can provide mediation to help facilitate this.

An Alternative To Court

A family lawyer and a professional who is experienced in family matters can act as an alternative to having to go to court. There has been a rise in the emphasis on mediation and resolving disputes amicably either before going to court or at the expense of going to court at all.

A harmonious resolution can be much better in the long term for all involved in the process.

Getting You The Best Deal

Sometimes a family dispute can be settled simply by using reason and sitting down in a room with a legal professional. If this isn't the case then you will need a solicitor who can ensure that you get the best deal from proceedings.

It is also highly recommended to have a family lawyer when it comes to child residence orders, regardless of whether you are on good terms with your ex-partner.

Someone To Talk To

While legal advice is key, having someone to talk to is just as important in these situations.

Regardless of the issue or how good or bad you get on with the people involved in the dispute, a family law solicitor can be vital.

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