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UK Immigration Laws.

It is the job of the UK Border Agency, a department of the Home Office, to decide who can pass into the UK and for how long.

There are many reasons why people come to the UK for example: tourism, study, visit family and friends, work or even to get married.

Immigration Laws rapidly change and it is important that when the need to decide on which solicitor to choose comes they are up to speed with the latest regulation, if not it can be a wasteful and expensive exercise.

At Selachii LLP our Immigration team have a wealth of knowledge, experience and, most importantly in this area of law awareness to make sure you have a success in your wish to come to the UK.

Normally visitors are allowed to stay in the UK for up to 6 months if they are not coming to work and this will need to be declared. If you wish to stay longer an application for VISA is required.

A passport is the document which the UK Border Agency examine when people travel to and from the UK and it is important that it is in date, if not it is unlikely that your journey will continue.

Regular changes in European Law impact on UK Immigration and complicate the process of the right to work permit.

Asylum Seekers are often highlighted in the media in a negative way but the UK is proud to support people in need from around the world. Seeking asylum is an area of law which needs specialist legal advice and our network allows us to act in this complex area.

Our Immigration solicitors have worked closely with a number of foreign embassys assisting their nationals with Immigration issues, our geographic location means we are in close proximity to the Russian Embassy.

Apart from advice and management on Immigration paperwork we also provide a representation service at immigration and asylum tribunals. We work with all languages.

The UK and London in particular is a multi-cultural diverse society with people visiting and staying for many reasons.Selachii has a solution to your Immigration problem so make us your first port of call.

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