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Financial Crime Solicitors London

Financial Crime Solicitors London

Our services would not be complete unless we offered to you from our offices in London, professional help with such things as:

Financial crime:  This covers a vast range of topics and can be anything from a crime involving property to unlawful ownership of assets.  Fraud also falls under this heading, as does theft, scams, evasions of tax, bribery, identity theft and counterfeiting; to name but a few examples.

We can also help if you find yourself involved with conspiracy, asset forfeiture or even restraint.

Experts in the field of managing and negotiating the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002, we will also deal with such organisations as SOCA, SFO and the FCA by involving our criminal defence solicitors.

In these days of the IT revolution, computer crime also falls heavily within this sector, along with the more traditional crimes of burglary, robbery and even murder.

It makes no difference whether you are just one person who finds yourself embroiled within such circumstances or whether you are a large company.  We can work with you and help no matter your area of operation or your location.

Money laundering is a particularly significant area of our business, whether we are dealing with prevention, prosecution or even detection.  In rare cases we have even found ourselves up against such issues as terrorism.  However, as far as we are concerned the intricacies of your case make no difference to our ability to handle it.  Money laundering essentially is the process of concealing proceeds from any type of criminal activity; hence we will deal with it as required.

We have had dealings with SOCA on countless occasions.  SOCA (the Serious Organised Crime Agency) existed in its original format until 2013 when it operated as a law enforcement agency governed by the Home Office.   From 2013 onwards the group’s operations were amalgamated into the larger organisation referred to as the National Crime Agency which now enforces the Crime and Courts Act of 2013.

As far as the Serious Fraud Office is concerned, this government department upholds the law in order to deal with fraud, bribery and corruption.  As a company we are well used to dealing with its areas of operation.

Our expert team also has a history of dealing with the FCA (Financial Conduct Authority).  Companies and individuals that are members and governed by its rules of conduct and may fall foul of its powers of prosecution if it feels that integrity has been breached and standards flouted.

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