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Divorce Solicitor

Divorce Solicitor


Whilst some divorces run smoothly, others are drawn-out, complex and nasty. Several factors determine the complexity of a divorce proceeding, including the importance of assets and what is at stake, the personalities of the people involved and the proficiency of the lawyer representing your case.

Experienced divorce lawyers

When going through a divorce it is important to employ a divorce solicitor who is experienced in handling divorce cases in your specific area.

An experienced divorce lawyer in Notting Hill or Kensington, for example, will know what to expect of the judges in the area. This knowledge can be used to your advantage.

One of the best ways to determine a divorce lawyer is to find out what former clients have to say about that particular divorce solicitor.

At Selachii LLP our family law solicitors are experienced, sensitive and determined. Through years of managing the divorce process with both professionalism and compassion, the Selachii team has built a solid reputation as being highly proficient divorce lawyers in London.

Child custody

When children are involved a divorce can become significantly more complex and traumatic for everyone.

A specialist child custody lawyer will help with all aspects of law and financial matters relating to the custody of children in a divorce. With the help of a professional child custody solicitor, parents are able to resolve issues regarding the welfare of their children more quickly and efficiently.

Based in offices at Notting Hill and Kensington, Selachii LLP’s solicitors are experts in child custody law. We can help the whole process of child custody move more smoothly and the children remain protected from the complex and traumatic processes of law.

We will work with you every step of the way to help ensure the best decisions are made involving the welfare of your children.

What about if you live abroad and want a divorce in the UK?

Increasingly people are opting to move to European countries. Marriages can breakdown anywhere and if you live abroad the prospect of going through a local divorce locally can be daunting.

Home countries

In most circumstances you can divorce in England on the basis that England is your ‘home country’. Having England as your home country gives the courts in England the jurisdiction to grant you a divorce.

Selachii LLP will be able to give you advice about divorcing when you are outside of your home country. Our experienced, professional and sensitive divorce lawyers in London will give you the best advice about getting a divorce in England when you are living in a European country.

For specialist advice on divorce, child custody or divorcing from abroad get in touch with Selachii LLP today.

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