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Buying And Selling a Business – Lawyer

Buying And Selling a Business – Lawyer

You could be forgiven for thinking that buying and selling a business is a relevantly easy process, much the same as buying anything else. But think again. If buying a house can be fraught with uncertainty and risk, just imagine the dilemmas that buying or selling a business can bring to you. For this reason alone, it is essential you make use of good business conveyancing lawyer before you get the transaction started.

Start at the beginning

Ideally you will approach us at the very start of your property transaction. However, if you find yourself in the unfortunate position of having started the process and ended up in a fix, it is never too late to get us involved. We will take control of the process from start to finish, including all the necessary steps along the way: preliminary discussions, negotiations with regard to price and specifications right through to a satisfactory completion. Whether you are purchasing or selling many properties or just one, we will take care of the details, including keeping a careful watch on the expenditure.

Managing the process

Whilst we cannot absolutely guarantee that the whole process will be problem free, we will do all possible to reduce the strain and deal with everything in a proactive and problem-solving way. Success can be factored in by us making use of well tried and tested procedures:

  • Listening to you and empathising with what you want from the transaction

  • Ensuring that clear and concise communication exists at all times

  • Skilfully engineering the relationships between all parties at every step

Getting the fundamentals right

No matter the type or size of the business involved in the transaction, the main segments of the process are always the same. We will ensure that you receive the best terms and the most suitable purchase/sale agreement; as well as looking after other formalities such as employment or tax issues (where applicable).

Contact us now and let us make your task of buying or selling a business as smooth as it should be.

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