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Bribery Act 2010 Solicitor In London

Bribery Act 2010 Solicitor In London

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Working from our London premises, we can also help those needing assistance if they feel they may have been affected by crime covered by the Bribery Act 2010, or even accused of taking part in bribery.  We can help you with both UK and overseas bribery cases.  There are very strict punishments in place for those involved in bribery and also those who are aware of bribery but do nothing to stop it.

Companies operating within the UK already need to have in place systems that enable them to prevent bribery occurring and even individuals are not exempt from the legislation.

If you are not sure what actions constitute bribery, but have concerns in this area, then we are here to discuss and help you.

The Bribery Act is fairly detailed and actually covers several major areas:

  • The giving of  an advantage or the receiving of one
  • Bribery of an official
  • An organisation giving or taking a bribe to secure business

Bribery can be quite complex and involved so this is where you will need our help and assistance to deal with any crime that may fall under the legislation of the Bribery Act.  We will also bring into play the content of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act if we feel that it is relevant.  Companies must be aware, and we will make them so, that even if they have bribery precautions in place that comply with the FCPA, they may not be robust enough to suit the Bribery Act requirements.

Whether you are aware of bribery taking place, feel that you may be accused of bribery or want to make sure that your company is protected against this crime, we are here to help.  As solicitors based in London, we are not only used to dealing with bribery in all its many forms, but can advise on how to deal with it, prevent it and how to identify it.

We also network with a great number of expert barristers in the field should we need to consult on particular matters.  This ensures that no matter what sort of help you are looking for, one of our team of lawyers will be able to assist and allay your fears.

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