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VAT Refunds And When You Need A Solicitor

In the UK everyone is fully aware of Value Added Tax (VAT). This is added onto every purchase your make however something that many overseas visitors to Britain don't understand is that they can often claim a VAT refund on goods purchased in the UK.


There are certain criteria for getting a VAT refund and it may also be the case that you need to use a VAT refund lawyer to help if you run into any problems or the refund is for a large amount.

What are the criteria for a refund and why might you need to use the services of a VAT refund solicitor?

Can You Get A VAT Refund?

If you are visiting the UK and have bought goods in Harrods or Selfridges for example then due to the value of these goods you will probably want to reclaim some of your money back. Indeed many purchases where the 20% VAT charge has been added to goods that are sold under companies that are part of the Retail Export Scheme can be eligible for a VAT refund.

To meet the criteria you first need to purchase from an eligible company and you also need to:

Live outside of the European Union

Have bought the goods in the UK to take home to a non-EU country

Be in possession of the receipt for the items

If you meet these criteria then you can apply for the VAT refund.

How To Get A VAT Refund?

You need to tell the retailer when you buy the goods that you intend to apply for a VAT refund and they will issue you with a form.

After you fill this in the goods that you want to reclaim the VAT for should be in your checked in baggage and not your hold luggage although there are some exceptions such as jewellery. Take the form to the customs official at your departure airport before security and hand the form over.

The way that you are paid depends on the form and it can either be paid to the card you used when you bought the goods, a cheque sent to your home or in cash.

When You Need A Lawyer

It sounds a simple process however the reality is that it can be quite confusing and often difficult to get the refund at all.

You need to consult a lawyer if you want to appeal VAT refund claim decision. If you are leaving from Heathrow or Gatwick for example then you can often find delays in getting the refund or problems with the paperwork. Because some people apply for VAT refunds that are for a large amount then getting proper legal help with this can ensure that you get the full amount back that you are owed without having to deal with the bureaucracy yourself.

If you want to find out more about how a solicitor can help you claim back a VAT refund on goods that you have purchased then get in touch right away.

To speak to a lawyer in London call +44 (0) 20 7792 5649 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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