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Public perception is often that litigation is stressful, expensive and drawn out, but this is only the case if the lawyers involved work for rather than with the industries they specialise in.

However, when lawyers take one step back and invest the time required to learn their sector, to identify the legal requirements of those involved and, most importantly, understand exactly how to deliver their advice so that it genuinely benefit their clients, they can add real commercial value.  They can also safeguard the client from ever having to consider stressful, expensive and drawn out disputes.  

This is why we are proud to announce our partnership with Coinburp.

Selachii are now Europe’s leading legal experts in fintech, bitcoin and cryptocurrency.    On a day-to-day basis, we provide the specialist legal advice our clients need to operate safely wihin what is still an unregulated market. 

Since we launched our dedicated cryptocurrency practice in 2013 we have provided a comprehensive range of legal solutions for both investors and exchanges.  We have drafted terms and conditions for some of the world’s major crypto currency exchanges, advised on tax considerations in multiple jurisdictions, assisted with new ICOs (and with the fallout from fraudulent ICOs) and supported the launch of a brand new crypto token not to mention successfully resolving a variety of international disputes.

Our partnership with Coinburp, a unique new trading platform designed to provide investors with a safer and much more user friendly way to trade cryptocurrency, is the next chapter of our practice’s development.  We know that teaming up with such a prominent and innovative international brand will allow us to continue to make trading more secure for investors and minimise the risk of personal date theft and fraud that continue to plague crypt traders all over the world. 

“Crypto is only going to continue to grow in popularity and become even more integral to our lives” explains Richard Howlett, managing partner at Selachii, “but if we are going to make the leap from investment and trading to everyday transactions, people need to know both the environment they are trading in and the coins they own are safe.  This why we have joined forces with Coinburp.”

Throughout CoinBurp’s development we have been on hand to advise on every aspect of their security.  The strenuous testing protocols they have put in place will defend users against external threats and their state-of-the-art security measures will protect our users’ personal data from loss, theft, unauthorised access, misuse, alteration or destruction.

In addition – and with the help of Jumio, a market leader in identify verification - we have implemented airtight KYC (Know Your Customer) & AML (Anti Money Laundering) compliance protocols.  As a result, we know that everyone involved in Coinburp is a legitimate trader and, therefore, trusted to trade, transfer and move funds. 

Employing such stringent identification and verification processes also means we can prevent breaches as on Coinburp only the person depositing funds with will be able to move, trade or withdraw those funds.

Our partnership also means we’ve been able to share our experiences of dealing with digital and crypto fraud, introducing new ideas and working backwards to put the blocks in place to prevent Coinburp users from befalling the same fate as our clients Peter Wood, CEO of Coinburp, says:

“As a cryptocurrency company operating in a notoriously difficult space, instilling confidence into our customers was of the utmost importance.  We knew we had to go above and beyond what is legally required by a responsible cryptocurrency business.  It meant making sure our customers are backed up by a top fintech law firm that fully understands how fraudsters operate and how to use that knowledge to keep them safe from bitcoin fraud.”

We know that by working together Coinburp and Selachii will deliver a user-friendly, best in class trading experience.  Over the coming months that experience will not only grow into one of the leading brands in the world’s banking ecosystem but also the first trading platform to provide the levels of safety and security investors deserve.

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