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The crypto-art market is already being attacked by scammers

'Non-fungible tokens' or NFTs were designed to help artists keep control of the ownership of their work. However, the sums of money potentially involved in that ownership are proving too attractive for scammers to ignore.   What is an NFT?
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What are the risks associated with DeFi and how can you spot a scam?

DeFi – or to give it its proper name ‘ decentralized finance’ – is the overarching term for the new financial applications being launched to enable cryptocurrency or blockchain to disrupt the historically unassailable position help  by financial intermediaries. It
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Could NFTs be the infallible security solution the crypto art, gaming and collectibles markets have been looking for?

Unlike cryptocurrencies like bitcoin a non-fungible token (NFT) is something that cannot be exchanged in the usual way.  The easiest way to try and explain this is probably to look at the difference between ‘fungible’ and ‘non-fungible’. If I was to lend
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Does DeFi offer investors higher returns with no middlemen or a higher risk of fraud?

Decentralized finance – or DeFi for short – is the name that’s been given to a variety of new applications designed specifically to disrupt the historic structure of the financial market. The theory behind DeFi is based on blockchain, technology
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The recent ‘bitcoin giveaway’ scams on Twitter and YouTube only underline secure bitcoin trading is the only bitcoin trading option

In less than 2 hours on July 15th 130 high-profile  Twitter  accounts – including Apple, Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Uber and even Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates not to mention some well-known names in the bitcoin world
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