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Court Hears Family Dispute Over Will

The High Court in London has recently heard a case involving a dispute between three siblings over their mother’s will, reports the Daily Mail

Lily Nutt died in 2013 and left an estate that included her house in Chigwell, thought to be worth around £400,000. Under the terms of a will she signed in 2005, her estate was to be shared equally between her three children, Chris, Vivienne and Colin.

However, after Mrs Nutt’s death her youngest son, Colin, produced an envelope containing a will signed in 2010, which stated that he should be the sole beneficiary of the house. He said he had been given the envelope by his mother, with the instruction that it should only be opened after her death, and that he had followed her instructions on this.

His two siblings are now challenging the validity of this will, claiming that their mother wasn’t capable of making a valid will at that time and that Colin must have pressured her into it.

Colin denies this and states that his mother was mentally sound. He says he believes his mother decided to leave the house just to him because he provided the majority of her care in the latter stages of her life, particularly after she had heart surgery in 2007. His siblings dispute this, however, and claim they were equally involved in caring for their mother.

The court hearing has now concluded and the judge has said she will give her judgment at a later date, reports the Daily Mail.

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