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Another Massive Ransomware Attack

 Some of the world’s largest industries have suffered at the hands of yet another massive ransomware attack

Only 2 days after publishing our last piece on the dangers of ransomware attacks, we have woken up to headlines telling us about yet another huge international attack that has affected some instantly recognisable names.

Initial statements suggest the Peyta virus behind the latest attacks is extremely similar to WannaCry which, in May, ground the UK’s National Health Service to a halt and affected businesses and organisations in almost 100 countries.

The malware is designed to shut down systems within the stricken organisations before demanding a hefty ransom in order to unlock the chaos they have caused.

The businesses reportedly affected include the international advertising agency WPP, law firm DLA Piper, shipping and logistics giant Maersk and US pharma company Merck and Cadbury’s owners Mondalez as well as a number of state run entities in the Ukraine. Most worryingly – and we stress this hasn’t been confirmed – reports from Ukraine suggest the nuclear plant Chernobyl has "switched to manual" as a reaction to the attack.

If you have been affected by Wannacry, Peyta or any other strain of ransomware, we are here to help.

As solicitors who specialise in digital disputes and cybercrime we have all the experience you will need to navigate the effects of a ransomware attack. Call us on 020 7792 5649 or email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we will help you negotiate the ransom stage and help you minimise the disruption the lock-down will have on your business.

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